How to Clean Leather Jacket the Right Way at Home?

“Leather, High Heels, and a Bad Attitude. Here I Come.”

Have you recently invested in a stunning leather jacket and can’t style it with all your outfits? Have you been worrying about keeping it clean and wondering what the right way to clean it is? As leather jackets are an expensive investment, most people prefer taking good care of them so they can last for a while.

Do you want to know how to clean leather jacket and what is the right way to do so? Keep in mind that you cannot dump your leather jacket in the washing machine like regular clothes. Whether you own a leather blazer, a biker jacket, or a fur coat, cleaning all of them will be necessary after a while if you want to maintain your hygiene.

When taking care of a leather jacket at home, make sure that you don’t put it through a chemical-based solution. If you haven’t cleaned a leather jacket before, then this guide is just for you.

Learning how to clean leather jacket

Do you want your leather jacket to remain soft and supple no matter how many times you wash it? Can you not afford a dry cleaner every time and want easy remedies for cleaning at home? If you want to learn how to clean leather jacket at home, then make sure you give this blog a read till the very end.

What are the common types of leather jackets

Types of leather jacket


Before you start cleaning your leather jacket, it is important to know the types of leather material you own. There are four different types of leather which include Suede, Nubuck, Aniline, and Nappa. Suede leather is the most common leather, which is then followed by Nubuck, which is similar in appearance. Aniline is full-grain leather, while Nappa is graded as the highest quality of leather.

Steps to follow for regular leather jacket care

Do you want to make sure that your leather jacket looks at its best no matter how many times you use it? Want to learn how to clean leather jacket correctly?
Before we share some leather jacket tips and hacks with you, we would like to shed some light on taking care of your leather jacket the right way. You should never cram your leather jacket pockets, nor should you carry heavy items as they will stretch the leather with time. Also, avoid applying hairspray, cologne, or perfume when you’re wearing the jacket, as it will dry out and stain the leather. Moreover, attaching any pins and badges to leather can be a bad idea as the pins will leave behind marks on the leather.

Leather jacket care

Hacks for cleaning leather jacket at home

1. Use a toothpaste

Have you stained your leather jacket by mistake and can’t think about getting rid of the stain? As toothpaste is easily available at home, cleaning your leather jacket with it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Take out some toothpaste from the tube on your finger and apply it to the stained area. Once you have applied the toothpaste, rub the area gently until the stain goes away. If the stain is darker, you can also repeat this process one more time. Don’t try to scrub off the stain, as it might turn your red leather jacket to pink. Wipe off your jacket with a soft microfiber cloth in the end.

2. Apply nail polish remover

You’ll be surprised to know that nail polish remover can be great at removing stains other than removing nail polish. If you have spilled ink on your leather jacket by mistake, instead of panicking, you should immediately put nail polish remover to good use. Dip a cotton ball in the nail polish remover formula and dab it gently on the stain until it goes away. Once your jacket is clean, wipe off the solution with a clean and damp piece of cloth.

3. Make use of rubbing alcohol

Cleaning leather jacket with alcohol

Has your leather jacket been lying in storage for quite some time now and has mold all over it? Are you tense about cleaning it off? For cleaning mold off the leather jacket, mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water together. After that, apply the solution to the stained area, and once the area dries off, clean it with another cloth.

Detailed leather jacket cleaning

Do you want to clean your jacket overall and not just some stains like the hacks mentioned above? For detailed leather jacket cleaning, we have listed a few steps for you to follow.

What you will need:

• A soft sponge

• Leather conditioner

• Leather shampoo

1. Before you start with the cleaning process, keep in mind that the steps mentioned are not suitable for suede or Nubuck leather jacket.

2. To clean your leather jacket, you should start with the most basic steps, which include a clean sponge and a leather shampoo.

3. Mix water and shampoo together until you have some bubbles. Then, dip the sponge into the mixture and apply it all over the leather jacket with care.

4. Pay extra attention to areas that are dirty or have any stains as they will require extra cleaning.

5. Don’t miss out on the hidden areas such as the collars and cuffs, as most people miss out on them. Please make sure you get the dirt off them properly.

6. If you spot dirt anywhere else, dip the sponge in the mixture again and then apply it to that area and gently rub it.

7. Remember not to add extra water than necessary to the leather jacket as that might damage your jacket.

8. Once you have completely washed the leather jacket and all stains, have gone wipe off the jacket with a clean cloth to remove water.

9. Hang the leather jacket in a dry and cool place, so the air absorbs all the moisture.

Pro Tip: To improve the condition of your leather jacket, you can also condition it as that will make it more soft and supple. Other than using a leather conditioner, you can also use a small amount of leather spray or wax as it will help your jacket come back to life.

How to clean the inside of a leather jacket?

Cleaning inside of leather jacket


Now that we have discussed how to wash the outer part of your leather jacket, it is equally important for you to clean the inner side. Wondering how to clean leather jacket lining without wasting a lot of time?

Even though the inside of your leather jacket might not be visible to other people, it can be unhygienic if you don’t take care of it. If you sweat a lot and have sweaty armpits, it can be a nuisance for people to sit around you.

For cleaning the inside of your leather jacket, turn your jacket fully inside out and then hang it on a hanger. After that, use the same solution of shampoo and water and then clean the inside of your leather jacket. Wipe all the problematic areas such as the cuffs, armpits, collars, and any other areas where dirt is likely to accumulate.

Once you have applied the mixture on all areas and rubbed off the stains, use a damp cloth to wipe off all the areas properly. Moreover, leave the leather jacket on the hanger so it dries properly.

What should you avoid when cleaning a leather jacket?

While many people ask how to clean leather jacket, most of them forget that there are certain things which you should avoid doing at home when cleaning the jacket. You shouldn’t use ammonia or bleach-based cleaners for leather jackets as such solutions can damage the finish and, in some situations, also cause the leather to crack. Also, make sure that you don’t use too much water as it could stain the leather. Moreover, don’t attempt to scrub off ink, makeup, oil, or glue, as it will make the leather jacket situation worse.

Parting Note

Before we conclude about how to clean leather jacket, you should know how important it is to invest in the right products. If you are purchasing a leather conditioner or shampoo, make sure that it is of good quality so it doesn’t destroy the durability of your leather jacket. If you have been paying attention to our advice, you must have noticed how we have given you multiple pieces of advice for cleaning. If you don’t have some things available at home, you can always try out other hacks. Also, you can try out these cleaning hacks and tips without a worry, as these are all tried and tested. Moreover, don’t forget to share if these tips were helpful for you and if you would like to read similar tips in the future.