10 Leather Outfits for Women to Try this Holiday Season

"Style is a way to speak who you are without having to speak."

Just like the quote mentioned above, do you also feel that your style statement and fashion choices should be unique? Are you one of those people who take their dressing very seriously and always want your outfits to be well-selected and put together?

Are you in search of a leather outfit that is appealing, has a unique design, and speaks volumes about your choices and dressing sense? Leather outfits are highly popular among women because leather is a stylish outerwear garment that women can style fashionably during the pre-fall and winter months.

Leather outfits never fail to amaze as they stay all year round due to their versatility and long-lasting use. Not only that, but leather outfits are breathable and do an amazing job at keeping you warm during the cold and stormy winter nights.

Even if you don't feel like putting on multiple layers when heading out, one layer of a leather outfit will be sufficient for keeping you warm and protecting you against the winds.

Are you wondering how to pick the best leather outfit?

As the winters are right around the corner, it is natural for you to be worried about your winter wear. If you have no clothes for winter, let us get to the 10 leather blazer outfit you should consider investing in this holiday season without any delay.

1. Black Leather Jacket with Removable Fur

Black leather jacket with fur


Ah, here we go with our first recommendation: a black leather jacket for obvious reasons. A favorite color among women, black leather jackets is a staple of urban culture and usually symbolize rebellion and progressiveness. When it comes to top choices for leather jacket colors, black undeniably tops the list as it is the most acceptable color around.

This black leather jacket with removable fur is one of the best when we talk about leather jacket outfits for women. Made with durable and genuine quality leather, this black leather jacket comes with a wide collar, long sleeves, and a fitted design.

Moreover, a top-quality zipper has been used for the leather jacket, ensuring that the zip lasts for a long time. On days when the weather is a little warm, you can even remove the fur, so you don't feel the heat or the extra warmth.

2. Dark Cocoa Long Coat with Quilted Sleeves for Women

Long coat with quilted sleeves


Did you know that after black color, different shades of brown make it to the list of popular leather outfit choices for women? And why shouldn't that be? When you think of the color brown, you might imagine a dull color that is the least attractive. When in fact, brown color is known to represent class and versatility.

This dark cocoa long coat is slightly different from the other types of leather jackets that you might see around. The long knee-length jacket is no less than a treat as it helps highlight elegance and confidence in your personality.

If you're planning your winter wardrobe then, it will be a shame to miss out on its thick padded collar, comfortable shoulders, and snug material.

Do you know what the best part about this coat is? No matter what outfit you wear, it will go along well with all of them.

3. Lively Red Leather Jacket for Women

Red leather jacket for women


Want to look sophisticated yet cool? If yes, bomber jackets are one of the classic dressing options for women in the leather outfit category. These jackets are an excellent option if you want to dress casually and do not want to go overboard with your look.

This lively red leather jacket can be the perfect accessory for you if you are heading out for a bike ride or want to chill with a couple of friends at a roadside café. The details of this jacket include high-quality genuine leather, three front pockets, and a sturdy zipper for protection against winds.

For an effortless and modern look, you can style this leather jacket with a pair of black jeans and a plain white t-shirt.

4. Grape Purple Genuine Leather Jacket for Women

Purple leather jacket for women


Biker jackets are usually short, a close-fitting accessory with lots of pockets, zips, and studs. If you're a girl who rides a motorcycle, wouldn't you want to flaunt such fabulous outerwear?

This aesthetic grape purple leather jacket is all you need if you are fond of bright colors and want a wardrobe change as a leather dress outfit. This leather jacket is made from comfortable and genuine leather, ensuring that your bike rides are safe and relaxing. Also, the black metal zipper and belts on the side give the jacket a perfectly fitted yet snug look.

Along with ribbed and stylish sleeves, this leather jacket also includes soft lining inside, making it no less than a long-term winter closet investment.

5. Classic Red-Wine Skin-Fit Jacket with a Hood

Red wine jacket with a hood


Do you already have a lot of oversized leather jacket outfits at home and looking for something new to try? Do you think winter clothing should be fitted and snug so that the cold winds do not get to you?

This classic red-wine jacket with a grey hood is the perfect combination of both style and comfort. If you're looking for a leather jacket investment that will last you a couple of years, we definitely recommend this outerwear.

With many detailing, zippers, spacious pockets, and a wide collar, this leather jacket will help you stand out in the crowds and bring a luxurious feel. The grey hood of this leather jacket is also removable, which makes it easier to style according to different weather conditions.

6. Classic Black Lean Blazer for Women

Classic black blazer for women


Blazers are a type of leather jacket that is similar to suits but are more of casual wear. This means that you can style a blazer leather jacket when going out with friends or for an early breakfast on Sunday mornings.

If you are off to a meeting or an interview at a new place, you should style this classic black lean blazer. This stylish black blazer comes with two pockets on the sides, a button on the front for a fitted look, and fashionable pleat stitching at the back.

Furthermore, this flawless blazer will help you stand tall and confident in front of people, and you won't have to worry about looking unprofessional when making a first impression in front of someone.

7. Women's Black Skinfit Leather Vest

Women's black leather vest


Are you done with full sleeves leather jackets? No worries, we have brought a classy and elegant option to suit your taste and preferences.

This women's black skin fit leather vest will easily help you make a style statement without putting in much effort. This leather vest is made from superior quality leather and comfortable lining, making it a hit among women with a knack for riding.

Also, this leather vest can be paired up with all outfits, such as blue jeans or even khaki pants. In the winter season, you can wear a warm sweatshirt inside to avoid catching a cold.

8. Unique Women Leather Jacket in Striking Yellow

Yellow leather jacket for women


Are you one of those people who experiment with different or unique looks, or do you prefer sticking to the same old colors such as black, blue, or brown? If you are the former, we might have the most suitable pick for your holiday season outfit.

This unique women's leather jacket in striking yellow is a treat to everyone's eyes due to its aesthetic and liveliness. Having a dull day or not feeling good? Just pull on this yellow jacket and see how it elevates your mood.

Not only that, but this leather jacket has a roomy pocket with a zipper, a wide comfortable collar, and fitted sleeves. If you want to enhance your look, you should wear this jacket with a pair of blue denim jeans.

9. Premium Cream Unisex Leather Jacket

Cream leather jacket


When it comes to leather jackets, we feel that cream or white color is the most underrated, and many people undermine its beauty.

This premium cream unisex leather jacket is available in all sizes with complete detailing around the collar, sleeves, and front. The black zipper and the pretty ribbed sleeves help increase the aesthetic of the jacket.

If you want to stick to primary colors during the daytime, then the cream leather jacket will help you blend in with the crowd without coming off as bright or overwhelming.

10. Stylish Women Leather Jacket Depicting the Purity of Orange

Orange leather jacket for women


Would you be willing to experiment with an orange colored jacket, or will that be too much for you? If you feel that you won't pull off the look, don't hesitate to read till the end as we might change your mind.

This women's leather jacket in orange is such a vibe and a vibrant color that will surely bring happiness and joy to your life. If you want a pop of color for your winter wardrobe and can't decide on anything, you need to consider this jacket.

We understand that many people shy away from bright colors, but we want you to know that this jacket is an absolute steal. This high neck collar, ribbed sleeves, and fitted look with the belt will help you rock your winter look.

Parting Note

Can you not wait to style your winter leather outfit? Are you excited about trying out all the new looks and colours? We hope that the leather outfit styles mentioned above were helpful to you in creating some fantastic looks of your own. Have fun and rock these amazing outfits! We wish you the best for transforming your wardrobe for the upcoming winter!