The Quintessential Checklist for Buying a High Quality Leather Jacket

When intending to build a classy wardrobe, you can’t miss an awesome leather jacket! It’s a must in every man and woman’s closet.

When intending to build a classy wardrobe, you can’t miss an awesome leather jacket! It’s a must in every man and woman’s closet.

A leather jacket is a timeless wardrobe staple that provides absolute functionality by shielding you from the cold weather. Also, it’s highly versatile as you can pull it off with multiple outfits. But above all, the style and charisma associated with a chic leather jacket are unmatched.

Leather for a premium quality jacket is created with the rawhide of animals such as cow, goat, lamb, sheep, or horse. The amount of effort required to make a genuine leather jacket is exorbitant. Obtaining and tanning animal hides is a strenuous task, and so is the process of crafting them into durable outerwear. Therefore, it is rightly said that a high-quality jacket made with genuine leather is pure gold, an investment that will last for years.

This brings us to several questions on what factors should we consider while buying leather jacket? Not everyone looking to invest in a jacket is well informed enough to spot a good quality jacket from the excessive variety available.

In our exclusive blog today, we provide in-depth advice on how to buy a leather jacket. Below, you will get the basic knowledge about criteria that needs to be checked before you make your payment for a leather jacket.

Choose a Leather Jacket Style

While buying a leather jacket, women or men, you will come across a huge variety of dazzling designs.

But before anything else, you should decide what type of leather jacket you should buy. Something that is classic and trendy yet looks good on your body shape. For instance, if you have a broad physique, go with a straight cut which won't make you appear bulky. Skinny people should go for boxier jackets, whereas short heighted ones should avoid long-length jackets, making them look even shorter.

Several styles are available in the market, including classic ones that are still popular and contemporary designs with a unique flair. Some brands even design jackets that are a fusion of two different styles. 

Here are some basic styles of leather outerwear that never go out of fashion.

  • The Flight/ Bomber Jacket

The quintessential Bomber Jacket also referred to as the Flight Jacket, got its name from the WW1 pilots who wore it for the first time. It has a specific design featuring tightened cuffs and hemlines. The collar design varies, although the most common one is a broad, knitted one that can be flipped over.

The flight jacket has a front zipper and two wide pockets at the front. They aren't gender-specific, so if you are buying a men’s leather jacket or for women, you will get abundant variety in the bomber style.

Black Leather Jacket with Grey Hood

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  • Schott Perfecto or The Biker Jacket

Designer Irving Schott introduced the double-breasted Biker jacket back in the year 1928 (hence the trademark name Schott Perfecto). However, the ultra-chic biker jacket rose to fame after Marlon Brando carried it like a badass in the famous movie The Wild One.

A biker jacket's typical features are the slanted zipper and a wide collar with metal snaps at the lapels. There is a belt at the waistband which gives a shapely silhouette and shoulder flaps that are fastened with a metal snap. This is also a gender-neutral jacket. So buying a leather jacket for women in this style is totally normal. In fact, if you are a woman buying the biker jacket for yourself, you can look super-hot in it.

The Racer Jacket

One of the best leather jacket designs of all time is the simple Moto Racer jacket. It is the perfect outerwear for sporty outfits, especially for racers. The characteristic feature of a racer jacket is a minimalist design with a turtleneck snapped collar. The front and side zippers are vertical, adding to the simplicity of this classic jacket.

Racer Jacket

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The Fencing Jacket

The fencing jacket has a form-fitting silhouette with curved zippers. They are perfect for street style looks and therefore are a frequent choice of fashionistas.

Other common types of outerwear crafted in leather are the quilted leather jackets, vests, cosplays, blazers, long coats.


Make Sure it’s the Right Fit

After you have made up your mind about your jacket's style, the next criterion is to check the proper fit. Your investment won't be of any use if the jacket doesn't fit you perfectly. The rule of thumb for a perfectly fitted jacket is that it shouldn't hinder mobility.

First thing to check is whether the shoulder length is appropriate so that it doesn't look uncomfortably compact. After that, pay attention to the armholes. They should be high cut, and no extra folds and fabric should hang around while you are wearing the jacket.

The length of a jacket should be enough to reach your waist. Anything down below looks like you borrowed it from someone. The same goes with the sleeves, which must cover your wrists properly. Remember that you will look sleek only with a properly fitting jacket.

Leather Material

The quality of the jacket made with leather is dependent upon two vital factors, which are discussed below.

  • Brief Guide to Skins

The skin that is selected for the jacket production makes a huge impact on its comfort and durability. The most commonly used skin is cowhide, which is known for being resilient. Outerwear made with cowhide will last for many years without damage. If the leather is acquired from young cows, it will be softer and more expensive.

Goatskin is also a frequently used hide. It is soft, tensile, and waterproof.

Sheepskin is lighter in weight than cowhide but can't match its durability. Products made with sheepskin are generally less costly.

Other skins used for leather production are horsehide, lambskin, and deerskin.

  • Leather Quality

You must have heard of the terms full-grain, top-grain, or corrected grain used to define leather types. What these terms define is how much the skin has been altered. Full-grain leather is the original form of skin in which even the cuts and marks are retained in their natural form. It is known to age well and is of the highest quality.

Next is top-grain leather, which is used for fitted jackets. The bottom layers of the hide are shaved in this type to make the leather flexible. The last is the corrected grain, which goes under several alterations for finishing.

Evaluate the Quality of Stitching before Buying Leather Jacket

Once a jacket is made, it is difficult to get it repaired for any stitching damage. Therefore, check the inner and outer stitching of the jacket with a close eye. Even, stitching of this clothing essential proves the skilled craftsmanship.

  • Lining of a Leather Jacket

The inner layer of the jacket is made by using a soft fabric, usually Bemberg. The lining can be quilted to add warmth or plain to make it appropriate outerwear all year long. It is a vital detail that adds weight to the jacket and makes it comfortable to wear. Therefore, inspect closely its stitching to determine the quality of the jacket before you buy it.


The detailing on the jacket you choose, such as the zippers, eyelets, and snaps, must be of high quality. No one would want to wear even a good-quality jacket with broken or worn-out details.

RiRi and YKK are two common zippers used in jackets. While RiRi zippers are of premium quality, YKK is a budget-friendly option.

If your jacket is embellished with motifs, embroidery, or studs, you must ensure their good quality before buying leather jacket.

FAQs On Leather Jackets

Q: What size leather jacket should I get?

Answer: Remember that a high-quality jacket will expand over time so get the one that feels comfortable and compact on the shoulders and chest.

Q: What is the best time to buy leather jacket?

Answer: During the fall season. As winters are just around the corner, it is a good time to buy leatherwear. Also, you can take advantage of the Black Friday discounts that are announced in November.

Q: How to tell if the quality of the leather jacket is good?

Answer: Genuine leather has a peculiar smell that is different from faux leather. Moreover, its texture is a bit rough as compared to smooth, processed materials.

Q: How should I care for my jacket?

Answer: If you have worn your jacket in snow or rain, remember to dry it afterwards. Always use a cloth hanger to hang it. Buy a leather conditioner for maintenance purposes.

Wrapping Up the Jacket Buying Guide

Before you take the plunge, you can refer to this leather jacket buying guide to avoid wasting money on a low-grade product. It is easy to go wrong when spotting real or faux leather, so educate yourself properly before purchasing. Pay attention to all the mentioned criteria in the post to make a long-term investment in your wardrobe.