Five Different Types Of Leather Jackets For Men To Carry This Season

Jackets are an ensemble necessary for every wardrobe. As soon as winter strikes, jackets come out; however, leather jackets can be used during all seasons. You might have seen men wearing jackets very often. They may wear them while driving to work or back home; the biker jackets. The cozy, warm jackets are used to prevent one from bad weather. And some leather jackets are used as a fashion piece or for style only.

There are different kinds of jackets for men to flaunt and carry this season. The article revolves around the types of Jackets for men that can be used to create a perfect look. Let's jump on the kinds of jackets.

White and Black – Ultra Modern Leather Jacket

If you are a fashion geek looking for something with a modern touch, this white and black trendy leather jacket is the perfect layering piece for your wardrobe. it is a very comfortable and classy jacket that is appealing to the eyes.

White and Black Leather Jacket

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The jacket has black stripes on the sleeves with side zipper pockets. You can rock this super cool jacket dining out with friends or going to a party.

For a complete look, pair it up with:

  • Black Jeans
  • Black high neck t-shirt if the weather is too cold or a round neck t-shirt
  • White and black stripe designed sneakers

You will look amazing! Wear something new by experiencing these two colors in a jacket and spice up your look.

Black Genuine Leather jacket for men

    A soften said that old is gold. It definitely is! A black genuine leather jacket is one of the classic types of jackets for men that never gets old. It is a piece that has its own charmand a  must-have for your closet. It is one of those clothing pieces that you can style whenever and wherever you want. Leather is a material that is comfortable and durable at the same time. You can use the jacket without the fear of being ripped off. So the best part about it is that the jacket can be used for a very long period.

    This jacket has a versatile look and will grace up your style game. It has a zipper closure and side pockets that enhance the beauty of the attire.

    Black Genuine Leather jacket for men

    Get This Jacket For $465

    For a complete look:

    • Black Jeans
    • Black boots or joggers
    • Black genuine leather jacket for men
    • Sunglasses would be the cherry on the top

      Tadaa! You are all set with a simple; yet chic look for anywhere you are heading for. You can carry this effortless look while traveling, on a flight, or just walking on the streets. You will be the head-turner with this perfect look.

      Bomber Leather Jacket in white

        A bomber jacket is stretchable from the waist and sleeves. This white bomber leather jacket at Lyrevo has a perfect touch of class and style. The leather jacket has an edgy look which can make you look like the hunk of the town. The jacket is simple yet very cool to be worn casually while being suitable for formal dinners too. It is the go-to jacket that gives you perfect cuts and looks. It is comfortable and very soft.

        Bomber Leather Jacket in white

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        This leather jacket is the epitome of perfection. White compliments all colors; what else do you want? It has a zip closure with two chest pockets. Moreover, it has detailing with a show button on the waist collar and the lower part of the jacket.

        For a complete look:

        • Ripped Jeans
        • High neck or round neck black t-shirt; depending on the weather
        • Shoes
        • White bomber jacket

        You are ready to go out and cherish the moments wearing this white bomber jacket. You can even flaunt this layering piece as a biker jacket to prevent yourself from wind and dust. Make a place for this elegant jacket in your closet and bring it home soon.

        Black Modern Jacket with white fur collar

          Let's talk about something extra. Fur jackets are always eye-catching and depict a royal look. This cute black fur jacket for men is the perfect choice you can make.  If you are looking for something formal, this is one of the types of jackets for men.

          This jet black leather jacket has a fur collar in white color. Again, white and black are the classic colors that work for all events, day or night. Moreover, they complement each other and every color that is added. How cool is that?

          Black Modern Jacket with white fur collar

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          This leather jacket depicts the epitome of perfection and style with the class it has. It has a pocket on the chest with a different, modern cut. It has a button closure as well closing with a minimalist design.

          For a complete look:

          • Fitted jeans
          • Fur boots
          • Black modern jacket with white fur

          Voila ! You have completed an amazing look. Be the talk of the town by wearing this beautiful black leather jacket with white fur. You definitely will love this and would want to have it in your wardrobe. Give yourself an edgy look with a simple; yet elite design.

          Red Berry Leather jacket with elastic fitting

          Are you someone looking for more vibrant colors than classic ones? This red berry leather jacket should be your ultimate choice. Redberry is a color that is not too sharp and not too dull. It has its charm with a touch of elegance attached. This cool, comfortable leather jacket is the depiction of fashion and style.

          Red Berry Leather jacket

          Get This Jacket For $285

          This edgy design has elastics on the sleeves and waist, which makes it casual wear. You can rule the streets with this epic look and be the king of fashion.

          For a complete look, wear:

          • Black Skinny Jeans
          • Black boots or joggers
          • Redberry leather jacket with elastic fitting
          • Sunglasses and watch for a perfect look

          You will look so handsome and charming. Wow! All eyes will be on you as you rock this street style, being comfortable yet modern. Experience a new thing, out of your comfort zone, and rule the fashion world with a perfect leather jacket this season.


          To conclude, there have been a few leather jackets for men from Lyrevo offering the best designs made up of genuine leather. You can opt for the best ones according to your fashion sense and what you like. Try your luck with simple and classic men's leather jacket.

          Leather jackets are the best kind of jackets that can be worn in all seasons. Once you have used a leather jacket, you would not use any other jackets. They are durable as well as comfortable. What else are you looking for? Find a place in your closet for the perfect collection of jackets. Invest in something worth the money.

          While fashion keeps on changing, jackets remain unchanged, with some new modern designs. You will be the head turner with confidence. Walk on roads like it's your ramp. Try something new, and experience the change with Lyrevo. Go bold with the timeless leather jackets and beat the fashion trends.